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The World`s First Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot! No Brokers, No Binaries, No Forex, No Banks, No Holidays, No Censorship! The new fully independent crypto-currency BITCOIN is about to take over the world!

In the last few months, Bitcoins have gained popularity and are growing at a very fast rate… See the news about Bitcoins on Bloomberg TV!

Bitcoin 101: What Is the Digital Currency?

Now the update 9 months later! Now today BTC has traded as high as 1240 on MtGox and today it sits at 914, Bubble hasn’t popped. Well over 700,000 merchants around the world are now accepting Bitcoins including WalMart, Sears, Target, CVS, PayPal,Western Union, Money Gram, and a whole bunch more that I can’t list. Venture captitalist have gone bananas in start up like Andressen Horowitz investing over $25 Million with Coinbase. The market cap today is just a little shy of $12 Billion. Hmmmm, I say a healthy market in it’s infancy. Some analyst according to the very nature of the fact that only 21 Million BTC will ever be mined, say that BTC will go to well over $100K -$1M/BTC.
My suggestion, don’t fight it, join it and get rich while it is still in it’s infancy.

Why Bitcoin Is Being Taken Seriously

“Undeniable proof of the Bitcoin Robot trading Live and making $386.18 profit completely on autopilot in front of your eyes!

Bitcoin The Next Generation Currency
Bitcoin Secret Trading Strategy Guide e-book

Bitcoin Secret Trading

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